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Las Golondrinas de Cillero, It is located specifically in the town Corvera de Toranzo, located in the region of Pas-Miera (also called Valles Pasiegos) on the part of the basin Pas is known as Valle de Toranzo. The great attractions of Corvera de Toranzo are its natural and artistic heritage.


In the first case highlights the banks of the river Pas, river trout and salmon, and Cildá and Espina del Gallego mountains, scenes of the Cantabrian wars, in addition to the numerous arboreal of great beauty that populate it.


As for the artistic heritage, civil architecture stands and specifically emblazoned houses and palaces.

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A place rich in history and culture by having several rock art caves, like the coins and Pasiega, as well as the outstanding archaeological site La Espina del Gallego.

The valley is part of the core of the pasiega culture, among other things known for its gastronomy. So, they are typical and originating here sobaos and quesadas, in addition to being good mountaineers cooked.


In the area is the Spa Alceda (2km), and Spa of Puente Viesgo (6km) where it is easy to spend a relaxing day, like the Pas river where you can bathe in small pools of water, walks and bike trails along its banks.


We found near the motorway to visit major towns and attractions such as the Park Cabárceno (14 km), village pasiego Vega de Pas (17 km), beaches Liencres (18km), Comillas (25km), Santillana del Mar ( 30km) ...

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